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My Story

As a self-learner, it's pretty hard to focus on particular things.

So, I never quit. I started my online career as a WordPress developer in 2014 and landed my first freelance job on Fiverr. It’s a long story! 😂 Let’s make it short 🙈!

I lost my Fiverr account on September 25th, 2016. And I thought I lost everything 😒! You already know that how hard it is to grow a Fiverr account.

Then I have started my journey on Upwork again. Previously It was called oDesk! It’s a great experience.

After spending a few years on Upwork, I’ve decided to take a break from it and move into a full-time job. And there were plenty of opportunities.

So, I have applied as a technical support engineer on Brainstormforce and got hired in 2019 December, and it was my first full-time remote job experience.

Currently, I’m working as a full-time Support Engineer at Brainstormforce (remote).

riad mahmud
riad mahmud
Technology that I have learned in 2020 and work with

There is a huge opportunity to manage your time properly as a full-time remote worker!

I had utilized my time when covid-19 started! I started learning new technology and completed some recommended front-end courses.

I have listed a few recent frameworks & Languages that I have learned and worked with them previously.

How I can Help You

Currently, I’m not available for the big freelance projects but if you have a small project that I can do it alone then I’m ready for this. 

These are all the categories that I can help you with!

There are some projects that take a longer time. If you think I’m fit for your projects then you can hire me. 

I Create Products


Ready to Redesign Your Website?

If you have a small project that could be done using WordPress or React js, then you can hire me for your projects. I have completed so many redesign projects and most of them are very old websites. So, if you have one then I’m ready 🙌

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